Case History


A major order in the automotive industry confirms the efficiency of the business model. O+P, Ceprom Systems and Brescia Hydropower join forces to deliver a complex multifunctional project.

Brescia, April 2016 – Three out of the eight companies forming the “It’s Fluidmec World” multi-professional network had to bring their skills together to design a complex machine ordered by a Lombardy-based company from the automotive industry. The integration of various expertise and specific know-how was crucial to the successful completion of the project.

The order concerned a manufacturing machine for configuring the diameter of bushings used in motor-vehicle suspensions. The customer specifically requested that the machine be capable of processing a piece every 6 seconds so as to optimise operating times. Ceprom Systems - the company specialised in the creation and installation of plants, machines and systems - met this demand by designing an advanced machine capable of cutting this cycle time to 4.2 seconds.


In order to reach this performance, Ceprom had the support of O+P which, with more than thirty years of experience specialising in the manufacture of hydraulic hose and tube processing equipment, provided the crimping head. Brescia Hydropower - another “It’s Fluidmec World“ member-company which manufactures hydraulic plants and customised testing systems of all types -  joined the project by offering its control unit for the topmost effectiveness and efficiency in managing the crimping step. The distinctive trait of this element lies in the presence of an oil hydraulic axis controlled by a position transducer and a proportional valve that allows attaining the required 0.05 mm tolerance.

The perfect blend between specific skills and technology from the three companies contributed to fully meeting the customer's demand, meeting all expectations thereof and delivering a complete customised solution. Another major success for the “It’s Fluidmec World” group, achieved through teamwork, experience and the common passion that binds the various subsidiary members.