The expression oil hydraulics indicates a specific industrial sector that deals with the design and production of oil hydraulic components including medium-large dimension elements such as motors and pumps, detailed accessories, such as filters, caps, rings and valves. It is a branch of fluid dynamics with applications in mechanical engineering and it deals with the study of energy transmission through pressurised fluids, in particular hydraulic oil (energy carrier). In typical oil hydraulics application, the oil flow rate generated by a pump in an oil hydraulic circuit is used to move a hydraulic jack or a hydraulic motor depending on whether the desired mechanical effect is linear or rotary. A classic linear actuator is the cylinder, made up of a jacket in which a piston slides, pushing a stem which executes the motion. Regarding rotary motion just think of the wheels of earth moving machines such as excavators or large agricultural tractors or capstans for hoisting fishing boats nets, where high torques and usually low angular speeds are required. A rapidly expanding field at a global level thanks to its ability to handle considerable powers through small and light components with respect to alternative technologies. A sector in which O+P has gained global acknowledgement as a trend-setting, influential and reliable player. For more than thirty years, the company has been providing a wide range of rigid and flexible pipe machining equipment, serving producers and dealers of hoses, pipes, fittings and oil hydraulic systems across the world.