The Oil and Gas industry comprises three main sources of energy: electrical, oil and gas energy. Oil & natural gas alone make for almost 60% of the world’s energy demand. The importance of oil and gas is not bound to reduce over the coming years: energy scenarios are set to increase their importance. The Oil & Gas industry, which involves research, production, transportation, transformation and sales of hydrocarbons, operates in this scenario.

The Oil & Gas value chain is spread in three stages:

  • Upstream, which includes research and production;
  • Midstream, which comprises transportation to transformation and consumption markets;
  • Downstream, which includes oil refining, distribution of gas and refined products.

There are countless hydraulic components used in huge floating systems that are for oil and gas drilling: pipes, cylinders, valves, fittings, flanges, etc.

O+P's professionalism is widely acknowledged in this industry. Our catalogue offers a wide and complete range of equipment for processing large diameter pipes used for the transportation of oil at high operating pressure.